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Block spam with Mollom

Before I installed Mollom on my sites, spam was a continual threat.  Not only were email forms at risk of being exploited, flooding their recipients with hundreds of unwanted messages a day, but comment spam could take over a site, covering useful pages in garbage or actually coopting the browser with iframes and other dangerous HTML tags.  I fought back as best I could with captchas and input filters, but it was an arms race I wasn't likely to win.

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Closing Session

  • 1400 registered, 127 led sessions
  • 55 sponsoring companies, 96 individual sponsors, $300,000 total, not counting ticket sales
  • well over $100,000 profit from this conference, to be applied to the project!
  • videos of all sessions will be online by Saturday night -- over 60 online already!
  • Paris venue is not as big as DC convention center, but it's old and beautiful, and family events are planned!


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