Celebrate the first annual International Ragweed Day!

giant ragweed (Ambrosia triffida) photo courtesy of nrca-railroad.comSaturday, June 23, 2012 has been named the first annual International Ragweed Day!  Really!  Did you know there is an International Ragweed Society (IRS), with international conferences and everything?  Ragweed is a big deal!  According to their site, the IRS is only planning to use the day to formulate a 5-year plan to reduce ragweed.  I say, why wait?  It only takes a few hours to pull up all the ragweed in your neighborhood before it blooms and makes us miserable! I've been doing it for the past 3 years on our block.  This year, with an international day proclaimed, why not take this much bigger?

Why not eradicate ragweed from all of Emporia, Kansas?  We could do it!  Or at least make a sizable dent.  What's more, we could use all that wonderful biomass to build sheet mulch gardens in people's yards!  If you live in Emporia, won't you join me on Saturday the 23rd to turn our ragweed from a dangerous health hazard into a beneficial soil amendment?  If you live outside Emporia, won't you consider doing the same thing in your town?

Here are the ways you can help -- just drop me a line at ben [at] and let me know what you'd like to do:

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