Drupal 7

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Webchick got started with Drupal at 2005 Google Summer of Code, now is Drupal 7 Maintainer

What happens during the release cycle?

  1. release the current version
  2. open next version for development ("head") and retire old version (5 will retire when 7 released)
  3. code thaw -- fix things that have always annoyed you!  add features!
  4. code freeze -- slated for September -- just kill bugs, make it stable
  5. return to step 1
  6. port all modules :-(

Should I start building production sites on D7?  No!

Should I start porting modules to D7? Yes!

  • use Coder module to help you port modules!! Now available for D7!

Drupal is a "do-ocracy" -- what gets done is what people do

Core Maintainers: Dries, Neil Drumm (D5), Gabor Hojtsy (D6), Angela Byron (D7) -- but they just supervise -- others do all the work and get little credit

What's New?

  • Changes for site builders
    • new minimum requirements: PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.3
    • installation profiles (minimal / default)
    • SQLite support
    • new password strength indicator
    • time zone handling in core
    • story content type renamed article
    • default taxonomy tags
    • add-a-menu link
    • permission screen easier to read, each has descriptions that can be translated, grouped by content type
    • users can cancel own accounts
    • improved translation interface
    • forums have new pretty icons
    • content types now under site building, some new options available
    • modules page contains links to help pages
    • Ping and Throttle modules removed; user-customizable comment settings removed
    • configurable error reporting with easy to understand options
    • Advanced Help moved into core
    • usability testing by Mark Boulton Design, U of Baltimore
  • Changes for designers
    • page.tpl.php redesigned with wrapper classes, better CSS development without hacking PHP files, based on Zen theme
    • new theme: Stark -- like Chameleon, but with even less defined
    • improved javascript functions
    • cross-library compatibility (for jQuery) -- already works in D6
  • Changes for coders
    • SimpleTest module greatly improved (also in D6)
      • writing tests causes you to think problems through, find obscure bugs
      • know instantly if you've broken something
      • fix a test along with your bug fix, and it will never break again
    • http://testing.drupal.org can test patches for you before you contribute them! notifies you in 24 hours if patch doesn't work
    • Database: the Next Generation (DB:TNG)
      • uses PHP Database Objects (PDO)
      • dynamic query builder replaces hook_db_rewrite_sql()
    • FieldAPI (CCK in core)
      • swappable storage back-ends
      • CCK today makes each field its own table only if multiple values or multiple content types
      • FieldAPI makes each field its own table always -- means performance hit
    • Performance
      • registry table holds cache of every function, class, etc. from all modules for faster hook calls, better break-up of code in modules
      • new operation-specific hooks to remove need for $op parameter (also works in D6)
      • new _load_multiple hooks to load multiple items at once
      • file API improvements, image handling in core, native file fields, file management console
    • new hooks in D7
      • allow modules to see which other modules, taxonomy, etc. installed
      • improvements to Aggregator API
      • hook_page_alter() -- modules can alter other modules' generated pages!
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