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Drupal 7: the road ahead

A number of you are my friends on Facebook and may have wondered why I got so excited a few days ago about DrupalCon Paris (which I'm not attending -- it's happening right now) and the accompanying "code freeze" of Drupal 7.  Without getting too technical, here are some of the recent developments and what they mean for you as Drupal users.

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Block spam with Mollom

Before I installed Mollom on my sites, spam was a continual threat.  Not only were email forms at risk of being exploited, flooding their recipients with hundreds of unwanted messages a day, but comment spam could take over a site, covering useful pages in garbage or actually coopting the browser with iframes and other dangerous HTML tags.  I fought back as best I could with captchas and input filters, but it was an arms race I wasn't likely to win.

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Closing Session

  • 1400 registered, 127 led sessions
  • 55 sponsoring companies, 96 individual sponsors, $300,000 total, not counting ticket sales
  • well over $100,000 profit from this conference, to be applied to the project!
  • videos of all sessions will be online by Saturday night -- over 60 online already!
  • Paris venue is not as big as DC convention center, but it's old and beautiful, and family events are planned!


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