What's the Big Picture?

Here at Interdependent Web we do permaculture designs, local produce, recycled crafts, and Web development.  What ties all these diverse fields together?

  1. Respect for the environment: Our primary mission is not only to minimize our negative impact on the environment, but to help our customers to do the same.  Permaculture gardens and home energy audits are means toward that end.  We also serve on the City of Emporia's Natural Resource Advisory Board, to help the city make well informed decisions about environmental impacts.
  2. Raising awareness of environmental issues: From 2012 - 2017 we operated a curbside recycling service called The Green Door, which was so named because recycling is not an end in itself, it is a gateway to other environmentally responsible behaviors.  The Green Door's customer list was probably the most comprehensive list of eco-friendly people in town.  We used that list to inform our customers of other opportunities to take action for the environment.
  3. Rebuilding local community: We sell at the Emporia Farmers Market, not so much because we have an excess of produce (or crafts), nor because we make money at it, but because we want to help make locally raised food and locally handmade crafts available to local consumers.  Toward this end we serve on the Emporia Area Local Food Network and are active in Emporia Main Street.  We employ as many part-time drivers for the Green Door truck as we can support and give them the best benefits we can because we want young people to stay in town and stay active in local affairs.

Our vision and mission are works in progress, and we welcome any feedback you may have about how we can do better!