By Ben Stallings |
  • Whereas I formed Interdependent Web years ago as a permaculture design consultancy LLC (that is to say, a partnership) with the intention of taking on partners, and
  • Whereas I haven't yet found partners, and
  • Whereas I have lost most of my momentum as a solo designer since moving the business to Omaha and getting truly busy with my day job, and
  • Whereas I don't know when I will have time to get back into design work, but I do have time to share my experience with others, and
  • Whereas the location of those others within the United States is increasingly irrelevant due to technological advances, and
  • Whereas newly certified permaculture designers (PDC) need help getting started in business,
  • Therefore I propose to invite any interested PDC graduates in the US to participate in Interdependent Web LLC as junior partners, effective January 2023. I will share my assets and business experience, and they will get design experience on the job. The details will be negotiated before the end of 2022.

Interested in being part of the conversation? Please let me know.