By Ben Stallings |
6a: -10˚F

Design goals:

  • reduce mowing and maintenance for front yard: 2-3 evenings/week available for maintenance of entire yard
  • keep neighbors happy (shield view of garden and related items)
  • increase privacy on south end
  • support future greenhouse south of carport
  • continue using no chemicals
  • explore possibility of grain production
  • possible rock garden


  • Expand decorative perennial border on north and west edges of property to shield neighbors' view of property
    • sheet-mulch beds to smother grass and increase fungal ratio to favor perennials
    • include fast-growing annuals (e.g. beans) for quick privacy while perennials get established
    • include evergreen plants (e.g. nandina) for year-round privacy
    • include edible plants (esp. berries) on inside of border
  • Plant decorative and useful shade-tolerant bushes (e.g. highbush cranberry) along south edge
  • Expand grape & berry production along inside of fence; consider hardy kiwi and other vine crops for this area
  • Add water catchment tank at southeast corner of carport
  • Install & enforce weed barrier around sedum bed at southwest corner
  • Consider area north of fence for rock garden, since it is in shadow November through April
  • Consider northeast corner for grain production, but expanding inside fence may be necessary to make it worth the trouble
full sun
partial sun